Frequently Asked Questions

Are you child friendly?
We do welcome kids here but due to our license they must be off site by 8.30pm. If you’re bringing a smaller human that requires either a highchair or space for a pram/buggy please call us to book, as our Restaurant rooms are quite small, and we like to make sure there’s space available to fit you all in.
Do you have a kid’s menu?
We don’t believe in chicken nuggets, actually, that’s a lie: Costco’s nuggets are THE most superior nuggets I’ve ever had… But our aim is to provide high quality steaks to everyone; therefore, we offer half portions of our Flat Iron and Rump steaks for half the price; along with our grazing bites and sides, you could also make a very child friendly dinner!
Do you allow dogs?
As a dog owner myself, I love dogs - they are nature’s anti-depressants! However, due to our Restaurant rooms being quite compact, it’s just too hard to have dogs in such close proximity to the tables next to you; believe it or not, not everyone likes dogs… some people prefer cats… and this may sound ludicrous, but some people don’t like animals at all! Weird I know.
Can we just come in for drinks?
Sadly not – This is partly due to our bar being the size of your living room and the fact we aren’t licensed to serve drinks without a main meal. There are loads of good independent pubs and bars round by where we are situated.
Do you do roasts?
I once asked a group of my staff to describe their perfect roast and with a few overlaps, they all gave slightly different answers. Due to our kitchen being quite compact, we just don’t have the facility to create a roast dinner that matches the rest of our food quality. Anyway, Steak Sundays is deffo a thing!
What time is your last sitting?
Our last table each evening is at 10pm, with our kitchen closing shortly afterwards. You still get the full 2 hours on your table though!
Do you do takeaway?
As much as I would love to get steak delivered to my door, it’s just not good for the steak. Once the steak leaves the grill, it continues to slowly cook; imagine how well done it would be if you lived even 10 minutes away.
Do you have a lunchtime menu?
We only have one menu, that covers all bases, well the bases we’re aiming for. We create set menus for the big occasions e.g. Valentine’s & New Year’s Eve but that’s it.
Can I request a booth?
Yes you can; please just be aware that we do try and accommodate everyone, sometimes to our own detriment but on occasions we may not be able to. We work on a first requested, first served basis.
Can you do anything for Special Occasions?
This is the question we get asked the most - We can put a candle in a dessert and join in with a Happy Birthday sing song, if the rest of your party start it off! Sadly, we don’t provide table decorations, balloons, cards, homemade cakes or write messages on plates (this one is because our plates aren’t big enough to have a dessert and a message on). Due to the size of our dining rooms being relatively small, we don't allow people to bring in their own cake, as we can't control any allergies/intolerances. We’ll do everything in our power to make you feel special on the Thursday before your Birthday, we might even give you a little tipple at the end of your meal!
Do you have disability access?
Unfortunately, we don’t have disability access as we’re a Grade II listed building; which prevents us from making significant changes to the core layout of the building. There are 4 steps up to the main entrance and 15 steps down to our toilets. If you have trouble with stairs, we do have a ground floor room, so if suitable, let us know and we will try and accommodate you and your party.